IT Infrastructure Restructuring Service

Our client in NSW has a unique approach that delivers exceptional customer service that allows them to provide a personalised service which gives them the platform to strive towards total customer satisfaction. They have multiple locations with more than 100 staff. Their company features industry experts, all of whom have the knowledge and track record to effectively manage and maintain their client’s portfolio.

The client needs to rebuild its network to a more agile and resilient infrastructure that keeps pace with growth and improves availability, performance, and security within the corporate network.

Stages of Work

Stage 1 – Audited the IT infrastructure and environment
The client’s IT environment was checked and audited. In addition to the issues raised by the client, we also took into consideration physical health and safety issues, security and energy costs in to the audit and solution.

Stage 2 Design the Solution and Project Plan
The solution and project plan were completed in a week and then presented for acceptance and approval by the client.  The solution is detailed below. All KPIs were included for measurement of the success and signoff for completion of project.

Stage 3 Procurement
Our team did the procurement for the client obtaining the best product at the best price within the delivery schedule required.  Efforts include managing delivery and checking and controlling goods as they arrive and unpacking for installation.

Stage 4 Implementation
The project was implemented without a hitch.  The process and outcome are detailed below.

IT Risks identified with Audit

  • There were increasing interruptions with impact to the IT services performance
  • Lack of high availability assumptions, with numerous single points of failure in the network architecture and no UPS.
  • Lack of security tools such as a firewall or board security for Internet
  • Lack of IT monitoring or management tools
  • Increased chances for lost data
  • Increased hardware failure due to network timing out and not responding to network transmission, and evidence of hardware rebooting constantly
  • Impossible to expand IT Services
  • Increased time in troubleshooting and changing cable arrangement
  • Increased risk of cable damage caused by sharp edges of racks and demanding access to racks
  • Increased airflow obstruction.

Business Risks identified with Audit

  • Increase systems downtime
  • High cost of maintenance
  • Hinders innovation
  • Increased financial loss due to increased customer dissatisfaction


  • Relocation of Servers
  • Refreshing of network devices and deploying of new network architecture
  • Reorganization and standardization of cabling

Business benefits and outcome

  • Performance for core application has improved by more than 30%
  • Increased simplicity for IT, better system performance for internal and external customers
  • Increased support for innovation
  • Help drive expansion to market
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