About Us

About Us

Techants is an IT Managed Services company and has been involved in a range of activities in Australia and South East Asia. Our customers and team members are of the highest priority. We first ensure that our team is working within a caring environment, to help them be successful in their careers and in life. This culture carries on to our customers, so that every single member of our team can serve each and every one with the highest level of service.

Techants’s mission is to work with our customers to provide IT solutions that are developed and maintained to enhance their business objectives.

With its primary office locations in Sydney, Australia and Denver, USA, Techants is able to provide seamless and unified 24 hour worldwide support and consulting capabilities.

The team members at Techants are all university qualified and have been trained and certified in various fields from network analysis through to risk management. Incorporating 20 years of experience in the industry, there is no problem that we cannot find a cost effective solution for.

One of the major aspects that separate Techants from the rest of the industry is the ability to add a personal touch to the client/service provider relationship. We strive to become one of the team and in doing so, give ourselves a better understanding of how the client operates, leading to a better utilization of IT resources by the customer.

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